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At Liz G Photography we provide a full range of marketing photography for EVERY INDUSTRY in Solvang and the Santa Ynez Valley, as well as in Santa Barbara and throughout central California. Liz G’s stunning 3D matterport models will stun your clients with a metaverse digital twin of any real world space.

Your interior photographs need the right lighting, but they also need to be beautifully composed. When they are not done right interior shots can lack emotion, so we focus on telling a story with each photograph so that the viewer is invited in as we capture that X-factor that makes each space unique and beautiful.

The exterior photos of a building or INDUSTRY require careful planning for an optimum result. At Liz G Photography we make sure the lighting and the angles are just right, and that each exterior shot is thoroughly planned so that it looks as awesome in the photo as it is in real life. 

If a place has a great view of the mountain ranges or the ocean then a daytime shot is ideal. However, a lot of buildings look better when given a twilight photo shoot. When photographed with the care and skill of a photographer like Liz G the lights inside and a jaw-dropping sunset create a strong and visually appealing image.

The reason why these work so well is because the extra lighting often presents the space in a way that most viewers are not familiar with. A daytime shot can look like any other photo, but a twilight shot that is vibrant and saturated with color, where the interior glows, is something special that stands out in every marketing campaign.

Ground-level shots often work very well, but sometimes the only way to truly appreciate the size or location of a property is to photograph it from the air. Using drone photography is an affordable and effective solution that enables us to capture still photos and video, providing the viewer with much more information about a particular property. 

 A Floorplan is included with every order!


About Liz G Photography

Photography has been her passion for a lifetime. Liz McDermott has been photographing home and people in California for two decades. Liz G photos and 3D tours have been featured on Matterport, Trulia, Southby’s, Coldwell Banker, Estately, Property Shark, and countless other MLS sites. 

3D Marketing just came along and her eye for capturing the essence has made her work noteworthy. Combined she now offers premium marketing that captivates and brings people to engage and interact in ways others can’t.

When not behind the camera lens, Liz enjoys training falcons with her partner Dave. They help keep the wild seagull population under control along the Santa Barabara coast they call home.

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