J Lyons: Truth or Friction?

About Truth or Friction Art Exhibit

This exhibition features over 13 virtually captured paintings by contemporary artist Justin Lyons. Each stop on the tour presents an easy way to virtually visit dozens of paintings in full immersive color and light. See one you like? Make a purchase from J Lyon’s website, or send him a message on Instagram.

About Contemporary Artist J Lyons

Lyons is a self-taught contemporary artist from the Florida panhandle. He credits his introduction into the world of street art as the spark that led him to pursue his own form of artistic expression.  Inspired by the lives and work of Cy Twombly, Barry McGee, and Jean-Michel Basquiat, Lyons refined his process and worked to develop a style of his own that is both thought-provoked and thought-provoking. This maturation provided the foundation Lyons needed to expand his audience beyond the streets.

By 2012, Lyons’ art had been celebrated and awarded in venues and exhibits beyond the urban landscape. A growing interest and appreciation for his art by collectors and galleries alike continue to inspire and fuel his passion for painting. Today Lyons’ mediums include wood, acrylic, house paint, spray paint, oil stick, epoxy resin, and pencil. He said his inspirations are most often triggered by a word, phrase or thought, which in association with the other elements within the work, intend to try to tell a story without giving away too much, letting the viewers interpret their own connections to the piece.

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    Maune Contemporary Santa Barbara ~ Atlanta
    Maune Contemporary was founded by Heidi and Ramsey Maune out of their love for contemporary and modern art. They have been long-time art collectors and enjoy attending art fairs, visiting galleries, and supporting the local art community. The gallery specializes in limited edition fine art prints and unique works by renowned international artists whose work has been exhibited and is in the collections of museums worldwide. The gallery accepts works on consignment as well as acquires art on the secondary market. In addition, Maune offers art advisory and curatorial services, assisting businesses and individuals with building their art collections through their relationships in the art world.